Bright Spot offers a structured educational environment designed specifically for the development of children at this stage of their lives. The teaching team is made up of specialists in early childhood education and they are trained to offer teaching that adapts to the needs and individual rhythms of each boy or girl.

In addition, the school’s curriculum is specifically designed to develop the skills and abilities necessary for success in school and in life.

Our educational program is certified by the MEP and offers the highest academic standards.

Teacher-student ratio

We pride ourselves on maintaining a perfect teacher to student ratio, so your son or daughter gets the dedicated attention they deserve! This ensures that they get the best education possible.

Critical thinking

We encourage and develop their critical thinking skills, equipping them with the skills they need to thrive in today’s changing world.

Social-emotional skills

Our team is passionate about helping your son or daughter reach their full potential and fostering the social-emotional skills necessary for their healthy growth.

Multi-age groups

With our multi-age classes, students can learn from each other while growing together. Our multi-dimensional approach to pedagogy fosters collaboration, teamwork, and skills that have a lasting impact.

Movement as a tool

Our classes are designed to provide an enriching experience by encouraging creative physical activities and interactions with the environment through exploration and movement. This helps create a deep bond between the body and its environment.


We are passionate about introducing STEM education to boys and girls from an early age. Engaging activities and various themes will equip your children with the right skills for a better future.

Yoga and Meditation

Our yoga and meditation classes for boys and girls create an engaging and relaxing environment in which they can thrive. They are the perfect way to learn, develop and have fun!

Art, dance and music

We provide a unique learning experience by combining dance, art, and music in our classes.